Supplement manufacturing facilities have their own special characteristics. Although not subject to such strict regulations as those for the pharmaceutical industry, it is nevertheless essential to know what is absolutely necessary and what is not. For this reason, it is of vital importance to have previous experience in this area in order to provide accurate advice on the key aspects of a manufacturing facility.

We analyse your company’s situation: its processes, finance, resources, clients, etc., and we help improve and optimise your results.

We carry out global projects for manufacturing supplements and nutraceuticals in oral liquids and solids, in the form of vials, ampoules, sachets, and instant sticks.

Intropharma can also help you by:

  • Registering your nutraceutical supplements in EU countries.
  • Implementing GMPs in your company.
  • Optimising your income statement and production processes: lean manufacturing.
  • Designing the balanced scorecard in line with your company’s strategy.