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Hyaluronic acid as Sodium Hyaluronate 1%, Collagen, 12 vitamins: Retinyl palmitate (Vit.A), Pyridoxine (Vit. B6), Thiamine (Vit. B1), Biotin (Vit. B8), Tocopherol (Vit. E), Riboflavin (Vit. B2), Inositol (Vit.I), Niacinamide (Vit. B3), Cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12), Pantothenic acid dexpantenol (Vit. B5), Folic acid (Vit. M)  and Aminobutyric acid. 23 Amino acids: L-Aspartic Acid, Glutamic acid, Alanine, Arginine, Asparagine, Glycine, Cystine, Glutamine, Isoleucine, Hydroxyproline, Histidine,  Methionine,  Leucine, Lysine, Proline, Ornithine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Serine, Valine, Taurine, Tryptophan, Tyrosine.    5 Coenzymes: Coenzyme A, NAD Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, Thiamine diphosphate (Cocarboxylase), FAD Flavine Adenine Dinucleotide, NADP Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate. 7 Oligoelements: Calcium chloride, Magnesium sulfate, Potassium chloride, Sodium acetate, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, Sodium chloride and Sodium bicarbonate.    5+1 Nucleosides: Deoxyadenosine, Deoxyguanosine, Deoxycytidine, Deosythymidine, Methylcitosine hydrochloride + UTP Uridine triphosphate. Alpha-lipoic acid and Glutathione



As the skin ages, collagen deposits in the lower layers of skin begins to breakdown and the skin is unable to replace them. As this happens, the specific cells of the skin lose their elasticity causing the skin to stretch and sag from the face. As it stretches and sags, it is wrinkled and loose, sometimes hanging under the chin, around the eyes, and under the cheeks. This is one of the tell-tale signs of aging and one of the hardest to fight without cosmetic surgery.

This is a strong, effective, reliable and safe antiaging mesotherapy product prescribed to get high revitalization and hydration to combat the signs of aging process.

Hyaluronic Acid concentration 1% gets intense hydration and is the matrix where all the actives migrate to cells in a slow motion which is very important to support them with nutrients.

The Hyaluronic Acid is high quality and purified molecule, with extremely low level of endotoxins and protein. On the other hand the final adjusted molecular weight is unique and key breakthrough of our R&D department that  form an internal matrix with the right viscosity to get an optimal diffusion of the actives and nutrients to skin cell target. The process to obtain that molecular weight has been validated to assure the same molecule physical properties lot by lot. Our manufacturing process is validated to assure the same physicochemical properties of HA lot by lot.

On the other hand the 69 ingredients are combined to get optimal biological serum for skin cells. This complex is a great media to promote cell growing and in consequence the increase of HA , collagen synthesis and other components of the ECM extracellular matrix.

This product improves cell adhesion by enhancing synthesis of laminin-5, the adhesion of cells to the basement membrane and among themselves provides firmness to the skin, increases contact between skin cells and assure correct nourishment and health. Also induces a significant increase in dermis density, improving skin compactness.
The dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) is where the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, meets the dermis, the lower layers of the skin. There is no blood flow in the dermis, so it relies on the epidermis for nourishment and protection. The epidermis sends efficacious ingredients from skin care products to the dermis through collagen channels. This product strengthens collagen; thereby, enhancing the communication between the epidermis and dermis. This helps to create a fresh, youthful and glowing complexion.


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 *These are advisable therapeutic uses, but the ingredients of products may allow a physician to apply them under professional criteria, may find the product optimal to treat other aesthetic issues.




Skin is the first line of defense for protecting our bodies against external perturbations, including ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, mechanical/chemical stress, and bacterial infection. Nutrition is one of many factors required for the maintenance of overall skin health. An impaired nutritional status alters the structural integrity and biological function of skin, resulting in an abnormal skin barrier. In particular, the importance of micronutrients (such as certain vitamins and minerals) for skin health has been highlighted in cell culture, animal, and clinical studies. These micronutrients are employed not only as active compounds in therapeutic agents for treating certain skin diseases, but also as ingredients in mesotherapy products.

The appearance of prematurely aged skin is a phenomenon characterized by progressive alteration of the dermal extracellular matrix, including elastin and collagen fibers.


 Posology and way of administration 

This product is manufactured with a very complete range of biological ingredients that are optimal media for skin cells.

This product gets a progressive improvement of the skin session by session.

One&eleven is a technique of one session and then eleven sessions at specific intervals.  The intervals will be based on the following serial and in a week bases: 1+ 11 (1+1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144). We consider this as an optimal biological progression focus on Fibroblast boosting growth effect.

Stage 1. First contact. Session 1

The initial  contact with the patient skin cells and adaptation to the product. This phase is very important and should be done under the close control of the doctor to determine how the skin is going to respond to treatment.

Stage 2. Real treatment. Sessions 1,2,3,5

The fibroblast and keratinocytes respond to this optimal media increasing the growing rate and then the stimulation of the collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. The improvement of ECM is effective at this stage.

 Stage 3. First stage of the maintenance

Sessions 8,13,21,34

Stage 4. Last Maintenance Stage.

At this stage the process is considered finished and the patient undergoes sessions at the following weeks: 55, 89, 144.

At the beginning of the treatment the hydration is the most important effect and is seen just from the 1st session and continues in time. At the beginning the biological effect due to increase of fibroblasts is very small, as soon as the patient go to end of stage 2 the biological effect increases, at the end the overall effect due to physical and biological effect  gets the maximum effect which depends on the segmentation aging process explained below.

As the process is finished, the patient will have gained at glowing and revitalized skin complexity and shows natural skin appearance with less signs of aging like,  sagging, wrinkling…

The following figure shows typical hydration and revitalization pattern.


Blue balls shows an example of the treatment results in terms of hydration and revitalization.

Red balls shows how to perform typical treatment in weeks.

Should be taken into account that any patient will be in a define stage of aging which determine specific curve. This pattern above is typical to people in the age of 30-40 that recovers 100 % of hydration in a year and then only maintenance is required until this patient star new stage.

We estimate a defined segmentation of aging pattern:

  • Beginner aging 30-40 years old.
  • Intermediate aging 30-40 years old.
  • Moderate aging 40-50 years old.
  • Advance aging >60 years old.

All of these segments are considered at normal aging process rate.

Physicians can elevate the stage to a higher level due to a different aging pattern patient might has suffered.

Depending on the patient aging segmentation, we will have a hydration and revitalization curve. If we don’t get the optimal hydration with one cycle, the doctor will recommend another cycle one and eleven 1&11 that should start at week 55. With these new cycles we get the theoretical 100% hydration and revitalization target.


We strongly recommend evaluate the patient and adapt the hydration and revitalization pattern.

Also this treatment can be use with all the other biotech treatments. The doctor can combine with other treatments antiaging, antiwrinkles, lightening, firming… Always leaving at least 3 days between each treatment.

Techniques to use this product:

  • It is very convenient for wrinkles or lines.
  • This product is to be applied for the whole face, neck, scoop neck and reverse of hands.