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Each vial content: Hyaluronic acid, multivitamins (14), Oligoelements (10), multiaminoacids (24), coenzyme A, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD, thiamine Diphosphate (cocarboxhylase), disodium flavine adenine dinucleotide, nucleic acids (6), ALA (sodium R alpha Lipoic Acid), glutathione, glyzyrrhiza glabra-glabridin (licorice), 3 more key  ingredients and 5 biomimetic peptides:

3-O-Ethyl ascorbic acid, arbutin and cromabright. Peptides: Decapeptide-15, Oligopeptide-68, Oligopeptide-34, Oligopeptide-51 and Oligopeptide-58.

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5 peptidos. Gris claro


This biotech compound is prescribed against different skin colored spots and stains that appear along pregnancy period and post pregnancy, in general, any melasma caused by excessive sun exposition or just by natural ageing skin process.

The main proven action takes place by acting over melanine melanocytes synthesis by inhibiting tyrosinase kinase activity.

On the other hand this biotech development combines inhibiting of melanin synthesis with a deep hydration and revitalizing attributes.

It reduces pigmentation, stains, spots, freckles and also fights against lipofuscin spots.

It recovers vitality, luminosity and clarity of skin.


*These are advisable therapeutic uses, but the ingredients of products may allow a physician to apply them under professional criteria, may find the product optimal to treat other aesthetic issues.



Pharmacology of the actives compounds in the formula which promotes lightening, whitening effect:

It is very efficient at inhibiting tyrosinase kinase activity over melanin synthesis pathway.

On one hand inhibits tyrosinase kinase as a competitive enzymatic mechanism due to glyasperin C and glycyrrhisoflavone, they show a strong melanin synthesis inhibitory activity. On the other hand it helps to minimize inflammatory effects that may come up after the treatment by acting on cyclooxygenase enzyme which is vital in pain pathway route.

This compound also inhibits tyrosinase kinase activity, enhances collagen synthesis and has got the capacity to act as a reducer mainly over L-dopaquinone witch is important in solving that particular process.


Very much important due to their antioxidant properties, also it is demonstrates the inhibitory effect over melanin production in melanocytes. Gluthation  boost dopaquinone synthesis instead of eumelaina which is darker.

Inhibits tyrosinase kinase. This peptide has strong effect over melanocytes and cause a potent skin lightening effect.  It has been demonstrated its photoprotector action in cell culture of human epidermic keratinocites.

It demonstrates clarifying and lightening biological action of the skin. The biological pathway action is been explain as a tyrosinase inhibition mechanism through avoiding tyrosinase kinase nucleotide expression.

It inhibits tyrosinase kinase activity so melanin synthesis in the melanocyte cell line. The decrease in tyrosine kinase activity shows dose dependent mechanism.

On the other hand it has been demonstrated the inhibiting effect over melanogenesis marker expression.

By means of dose dependent mechanism this oligopeptide inhibits tyrosinase kinase activity and it is observed a melanocyte morphological change when treated with it as a result of melanosomes amount. Also it demonstrates melanogenesis marker inhibition.

It is a potent melanin production inhibitor acting on Tyrosinase Kinase. The decrease of melanin synthesis is well proven comparing with other lightening or whitening ingredients. The mechanism of lightening is been reinforced by inhibiting the melanosome transfer in malanocyte cells.

Inhibitor of melanine synthesis after this peptide treatment on melanocyte cells line.

Acts over Tyrosinase Kinase activity with a strong decrease effect over its activity and in a dose dependent pathway.

There are proven morphology changes in melanosome cells when treated with this oligopeptide. The quantity of melanosome decreased and color becomes lighter.

Also shows remarkable effect at decreasing melanogenesis markers TRP-1 and TRP-2 synthesis which demostrates melanogenesis inhibition.

Posology and way of administration 

They should be done by the supervision of a physician or a registered nurse and they will apply the best technique available in each case.

The product is developed sterile, preservative free and pyrogen free to be used on several aesthetic techniques, IPL, roller and other invasive or no invasive procedures.